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Friday 21st March 2014 is movie night at The Milton Keynes Academy





Welcome to the Offical 'Once Upon a Life' Website 




Unique and Original Feature film made in Milton Keynes

Once Upon a Life is an independent movie and a study in how life choices affect you and how bullying has emotional repercussions long after the events. Though fictional, the film is based on personal experience. It is designed to bring comfort, understanding and healing to victims through the knowledge that you are not alone in what you are going through, and not only is it fine to be yourself but there is no greater, more fulfilling way to live your life.


The Synopsis
Tony Avati, a former victim of bullying decides to make a film about the experiences he had as a child when he suffered at the hands of local bully Jessica Scriven. Back then, after months of torment, Tony responded, together with many other victims, by confronting Jessica with a peaceful show of unity and strength.

Years later he's making the film which he calls 'Once Upon a Bully', but before he completes it he decides to meet up with Jessica to get her side of the story. Initially reluctant to help him, Jessica finally opens up to Tony with her version of events. Nothing could prepare Tony for what she reveals.


The Opportunity
The Movie: 

This is a unique opportunity for young people to not only watch the movie but to actually be in the movie, making it a much deeper experience as they feel much closer to the project through their inclusion. They will feel a pride in having been involved in a peaceful and effective stance against bullying.

The Album: 

There's an opportunity for a school Choir/singers to be on the soundtrack album.

The Book:

An opportunity to be involved in the children's picture book based on the movie.