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A Mothers review of 'Once Upon a Life'

Following the premiere I received this email from a lady who attended the premiere together with her daughter. I'm glad to say that we have received a number of positive comments but this email alone, taken in isolation, makes all the work to make the movie, worthwhile:-





My youngest daughter has been bullied on and off for a while now, however a few weeks ago it got so bad that we had to involve the police. Somehow it had gone from "rise above it" to her being scared for her life. She went from an outgoing, fun loving, independent ten year old to a little girl who actually cried if someone knocked at the door after dark. When things got resolved she became more relaxed and returned to school but still not back to her old self. No singing around the house, she would stand next to me in the playground instead of running off to stand with her friends. We were worried, then one day the second she walked in the house to the minute she went to bed she sang 'once upon a life' over and over.

Everyday all she talked and sang about was your film, you and your family. My talkative, loud and happy little girl was slowly coming back. Then we saw your film, as if by magic she was back, and thanks to me seeing the film i understood what she went through and how she felt a little better. She listens to the songs from your film over and over. I think she must know them all. I asked her how the film helped her, and for someone who talks non stop she didn't say much. Just four words "i'm not alone anymore". I now understand how alone she felt, how she felt she was the only one that has gone through this. Your film opened both our eyes. Maybe there's no explaining how it helped, but it, did she's back, and i thank you for being apart of that. I hope your film and songs help others.