What is 'Once Upon a Life' about?

Jessica Scriven is an ambitious and talented young girl who idolises a musical prodigy called Julie Sommers. Jessica is a very strong and determined character. Nothing can get in the way of her goal and she has decided that she is going to be a successful singer. She strikes up a strong friendship with Julie and is learning so much from her older more established friend. They promise that they will always be there for each other.

When Julie is fatally hurt in an unprovoked attack by three girls, the incident has a profound effect on Jessica's life. Her energy and determination are re-channelled to avoid what happened to her idol. She believes that becoming a bully prevents you from becoming a victim. She becomes a leader of her group with a large influence on those around her and revels in the power and in being feared.

Tony, one of her victims, decides that he won't take it any more and confronts her. This becomes another life changing moment.

Years later, Tony is writing a book and is making a movie about it with a community group. He decides to track down Jessica to get the bully's point of view to the events that happened all those years ago, to add to the book and film before publishing.

Following a meeting with Jessica he is shocked by what is revealed.