Music is a crucial part of what we do and forms a large part of the movie.

We are going to have three soundtracks albums for the movie.

The first will be 'Once Upon a Life part 1'. This album is almost complete and will be ready for the public premiere of the movie.

There are so many songs in the movie that we haven't benn able to record them all so this will be work in progress and available in the futrue and will be part 2.

The 3rd Soundtrack album will be what started this all off. It is the album that accompanied our Anti -Bullying stage musical back in 2005 as it was originally recorded and which features in the movie.

Below we have an outline of some of the key songs.

You’re Crazy
This features as part of a dream scene in the movie and is about falling for someone that you never thought was your type.

Once Upon a Bully
This is the title track of the movie and accompanies the opening credits/animation.

You’re Not Alone
This is for victims of bullying everywhere and has over 215,000 hits on youtube­profile?gl=GB&hl=en-GB&user=aragona57

and has been used in schools and other establishment all around the world.

Reach Out
Though life may be bad now, keep reaching out and you'll get there. This appears in one the films comedy scenes.

I Bully You
This if from the point of view of the bully and justifying why they do what they do. 

This one's about how others try to negatively influence you with their negative comments and how you should keep true to yourself regardless.

Though we use the Metaphor 'Runaway' this is about suicide as a result of bullying.

Now I Know
Have you ever got someone so wrong, you're judgement was way out, then you realise and see the truth. This is what this song is about, and appears in the movie after the victims discovery about his tormentor.

So Alive
This song features in the closing credit of the movie. Don't wait any longer, don't let anyone stop you. Follow your heart and live your life.

Once Upon a Life
This is the story of Jessica, the bully in the movie. Grab the chance when you get it, it may never come again.

Fifth of July
Jessica discovers that the admiration she got was born of fear and not love and therefore it wasn't a true love. There came a day one no one was there for her anymore.