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At Luca Design we like nothing more than helping you with your creative needs. Providing a broad area of visual communication skills including Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design, Illustration, Video Production, and Audio Recording/Production, all under one roof since 1995.

How it started
Luca Design was formed in July 1995 by Francesco Scarito following nine years of previous creative experience with a variety of companies including Freestone Design, Blaze Advertising, & Barclaycard.

Recognition started early when, as a design student, he competed in a live industry project for a national brewery advertising Coca Cola & his work came top and was then  chosen to appear in the yellow book, a publication highlighting the best work produced by students nationally in 1986.

Francesco has always been a creative explorer and though he gained all necessary qualifications for professional graphic design has always believed that you should never stop learning new skills. His creative skills have expanded way beyond Graphic Design. He is now a Web Designer, Photographer & Illustrator but also a filmmaker, songwriter and music producer, all to a professional standard.

For Frank (yes let's shorten it) creativity is more a need, a way of life, than it is a profession. Driven by passion, that philosophy goes into every project undertaken, big or small.

Web Design
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The Hallows in concert at Craufurd Arms, Wolverton, Milton Keynes
One of the photos taken for Black History Month
Photoshoot for the amazing acting and singing talent that is Gabriella Polcino
The Pagoda, Willen Lake Milton Keynes
A photo taken while teaching at one of many video camps.
"The beautiful mountain village (or Borgo in Italian) of Aieta, Calabria"
This photos show a series of pop up panels using photos produced by Luca Design for the Milton Keynes Black History month
Valeras in concert at Craufurd Arms, Wolverton, Milton Keynes
Print Design
Video & Audio
Clicking on the images takes you to the respecitve video or audio

This is one of many videos that I was commisioned to produce for the students studying drama at Milton Keynes College

For the brilliant singer Laura Johnson I composed the song, filmed and edited the video, recorded and played all the instruments except for the drums which were played by Joe Reynolds.

One of the films made in a young people film camp. This one is based on the inspirational sprinter Craig Pickering

A film commissioned to highlight knife crime. Working with a number of drama students.

Filmed and edited this Christmas Song written by Ian Roberts to help raise funds for the homeless

Milton Keynes Council asked me to work with their youth cabinet to produce a video highlighting mental health problems in our young

This is one of a whole series of photo animations commissioned for a security campaign

An improvised scene by a budding actress named Tunvi and myself while the students utelise the skills they've been taught

A tiny snippet of a corporate, 20 rapid fire questions, video

The charity Harry's Rainbow are sponsored by Plexus Communications who commisioned this video highlighting the great work. I supplied the photography as well as the filming, editing and graphics.

SugarPill music video

I wrote and produced the song, played all instruments except for the drums (courtesy of Tim Mooney) and wrote, filmed and edited the video for the exceptionally talented singer/actress Gabriella Polcino

A documentary as part of a project highlighting the positivity in the Asian community in Milton Keynes

A film made at Buckingham School called 'The Dark Side of Genius'
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