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  Client Safety Induction        


Depending on the complexity and type of the project and prior to the works commencing on site, the appointed contractor or TSC team shall attend a client led safety induction. Chaired by the project manager or designated person, this meeting is an opportunity for all parties to review and discuss significant hazards, logistics issues, including welfare arrangements and a final check that the client has provided all appropriate information, including an up to date asbestos report and copies of decontamination certificates for all the spaces being handed over the contractor.

The attendees are likely to include the following individuals. (This will depend on the type and complexity of the project):

·       Contractor’s / FCOS Site Manager and supervisory staff, including sub-contractors supervisors where appointed

·       Principal Designer

·       Designers

·       Client’s Project Manager / Project Sponsor

·       Head of Health and Safety or H&S advisor

·       Construction Safety Person

·       Client’s Building Manager / CSM

·       Client’s Maintenance Manager / TWO/TWS/TWG representative

The Project Manager or his representative shall record a record of the meeting, actions and attendees.


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Client, FCOS Health & Safety, Project Manager
Construction Safety Advisor


Attendance of Key Stakeholders, record of attendees and action / risk recorded