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A belated thank you to everyone who helped make the Café L’Arté journey a reality. Once our run was over I left on an ‘off radar’ roadtrip with the family all the way to Calabria & now back.

So much appreciation for cast and others who helped breathe life into the project. There are so many to thank.
Firstly to my colleague Sian. You poured confidence, vision and energy into the project even though there were moments when, I’m sure, I drove you 🤦‍♂️. 

We got so much right for the first ever show we took to the Fringe though much was learnt too, should we go again 🤞🏻.


Joe Creaser, your all round professionalism on and off stage was so admired & appreciated. Your characterisation of Joseph was 💪🏻. 


Emily Darling, you embodied the character of Robby so well & your love of performing and of the Fringe itself shone through.


Jamilla both your singing and acting were, as alway, impressive & effortless. So much great feedback on your performances.


Erin, I still marvel at your ability to throw a pantomime horse with perfect timing while playing the drums. I will never forget our, unplanned, performance at the Edinburgh Waverley Station around the piano there, followed by a lady thanking us so much for our performance.


Lucas you stepped in last minute and were able to perform a difficult to perform song in such a short amount of time & perform it so well.


Saffy, the way your performance grew so much from the initial audition was immensely impressive and I so enjoyed moaning at you in every show 😉.


Eden, what can I say, one heck of a Journey, you had audience members in tears and…

…you proved me wrong.


Charlie, I’m in awe of your talent at such a young age. In one production playing two characters you showed that you are no ‘one trick pony’. You have a very bright future.

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