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Good Afternoon Francesco. How can I help you?
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:32:04
Hi Mareldia I just need help understanding the tracking details. My parcel was originally stated to arrive between Friday and Monday last week, and I understand that there will be delays due to the lockdown. I chatted to a colleague of yours yesterday who told me it should be delivered within 24 hours. It's gone beyond that now and the last entry on the tracking info says received at Northampton depot at 2.24am
I'm sorry to hear. Please provide me with the tracking number?
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:33:09
I'm relying on receiving this to start a project that's been delayed and I find I still none the wider as to when I will receive it
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:33:12
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:33:26
13 Elmers Park, Bletchley, MK3 6DJ
Thank you for confirming the information.
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:35:54
you're welcome
I have checked the system now and I can see there is a delay with the parcel and I'm terribly sorry about the inconvenience this may have caused you. The parcel is still at the depot. What I'm going to do on my end is chased this up with the depot now.
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:38:59
That would be very much appreciated Mareldia
I have done so right away now, is there anything else for you, Francesco?
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:43:09
thanks Mareldia, as a result of you chasing is there any update as to when I'm likely to receive the package?
It's a Pleasure. The parcel will go out for delivery tomorrow please track the parcel on the website. www.collectplus.co.uk using this number:8KYMG6392631A12
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:45:36
ok, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for your help Mareldia
My pleasure. Thank you for contacting CollectPlus. Have a good weekend.
Francesco Scarito (info@luca-design.co.uk)15:47:40
you too
Thank you.