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Hi Frank

Thanks for yesterday and a chance to look at the Clk Wks Weekly Report, I will just list some of the problems with the example attached.


  1. Can we call the Title “Resident Site Engineer Report” done
  2. In Document Control, can we add between “Date” and “Version” Report Number   done
  3. Delete Change History and add boxes to Document Distribution and Abbreviations done
  4. The Weekly Summery Box – Make the Whole Page and check formatting. Text size in Sub title? done
  5. Make Site risks a Whole Page with Bigger Boxes for info, Plus name it This Period Site Risks done
  6. The Weather Box – Having Drop downs to show the weather? Temp? Rain etc , some reports pasted in “small pictures” if we could do this?
  7. Make “Personal attending site” a whole page with slightly bigger boxes with Visitors at the bottom 6 boxes done
  8. Looks like formatting issies in the next 2 boxes can these be balanced across 2 pages? ?
  9. Add more boxes to Section 4, spread over 2 pages done
  10. Section 5 is good
  11. A whole page for PM comments
  12. Then boxes for photos
  13. Then Landscape page for Programme


Happy to chat, Steve