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Proposed 2 hour Monday night session


Points of discussion:-

What we will do and advantages over Saturday morning sessions

  • Artist Development
  • Workshop of songs for the musicals
  • High quality recordings using pro equipment
  • High quality videos
  • Post production refinement of those recordings
  • Focused period with small group refining output


  • A number of students with a live performance repertoire
  • Familiarity of the songs for the musical that saves us time on Saturday when we begin staging
  • A catalogue of workshopped songs for the musical as reference
  • A refining of songs from the musical
  • Each student will get opportunity of lead while the others support with backing vocals/harmonies

Facilities absent at School

  • High quality audio recording
  • High quality Video recording (With less danger of potential interuption on Saturday mornings)
  • High quality speakers


  • Mondays 4.30 to 6.30pm
  • One two hour session of no more than 5 students, but should there be more than 5 students we can split into 2 sessions. Perhaps from 4pm till 6.30 allow 1.25 hours each.

What it gives LC Arts

  • Development of students that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in normal lesson time
  • High quality videos & audio of performances that we can share on social media as a recruitment push & publicity for upcoming shows
  • An asset lacking in other small performing arts schools and therefore a unique selling point

Other proposals

  • A monthly showcase of performances open to all under 18s, run by us but open to all as a potential recruiting event.
  • Having a half or so performance session at the End of Saturday lessons that will bring all the students together and give an opportunity for us all to see the fruits of our work